Get black tourmaline and some black crystals if you can as well. Other terrific stones for protection are crystal points, hematite, and apache tear.

Selenite is a stone that actually recharges the power of other stones, removes negative energy from them and it never needs to be cleared!


Don’t forget to smudge your home liberally and regularly, and consider getting a “7 day” clearing and protection candle if the aire has been really “heavy”. If you are so inclined, a little protection oil is appropriate to use to anoint your stones as well. There are several herbs that can additionally be used in the home as well if you have interest.

If you do not know where to get these items, I can get them for you, please feel free to e-mail me for help!

Here are instructions for you to use for the purpose of setting up a selenite or crystal energy protection grid of your own. This is meant to be a guide for you to set up yours–take what you wish from what is written here and add anything that feels right to you.

 Take four large pieces of selenite and hit each corner of your house first. Put at least one piece of selenite, and then use a black tourmaline/crystal and/or apache tears as well for extra entity protection in each of the four furthest corners of our house. Crystal points are very helpful too; they absorb negative energy. Place each piece with the ends going north/south. You can either say a prayer to your higher power when each piece is laid in its appropriate corner, as you hold up the selenite or stone in offering, and then place it, or you can hold all four pieces together in your lap (holding onto the selenite or crystals while you do this) and say the prayer to your higher power. Then take each piece and place it. See below for the basic text for what can be said in prayer (substitute your own higher power). Additionally take small tumbled quartz crystal pieces or other stones and place them over doorways or in other inconspicuous places, larger crystal amethest or stone clusters placed around your home are terrific too, all of things will increase your energy vibration in your home.


Energy/Protection Grids can be set up in a room (i.e., a healing room), an apartment, a house, and/or the property around your house. You can also do one at your place of business, inside and/or outside. The energy generated by a Satin Spar Selenite or crystal grid is fantastic! Imagine surrounding yourself with a pure white protective light! A Satin Spar Selenite grid also offers great protection for you and all who live with you.

I can make you a custom grid in just about any size or number of pieces. Just email me at for help with your grid.



God/Goddess/Jesus (Mother/Father/God) –


Please bless this person/family that stands before you (say all the names of your family and your animals here) and all the people and animals who will come to live here in the future with my/our blessing. Please, God/Goddess, Jesus bring happiness, prosperity, good health, and, most of all, love to this house and allow us to spread as much love as we can out in the rest of the world. Please, God/Goddess, Jesus clear and cleanse this house of any negativity that resides here and use the Selenite/Crystal/Tourmaline to do this. Free this house of any and all that would do harm to any of us and protect us from any outsiders that would do us harm of any kind. Thank you, God/Goddess, Jesus for all you provide us with each and every day. I/we are grateful for all you bestow.


If you’re picking up something very negative or just very bothersome energy, lay three pieces of the grid after you’ve said your prayer over them. Leave the fourth piece, closest to the door, until last. Before you lay that piece, open the door and say in a very firm somewhat loud voice (as many times as you need to so that you feel you’ve really said it, but probably twice is good) (and sound like you really mean this!) that everything negative is to leave the room/house NOW! Explain to this energy that the white light energy of the Selenite will make things very difficult for them and will dissipate them and that they should leave immediately. Give the energy at least a couple of minutes to leave (you may actually feel energy brush by you, but don’t show any fear; there’s no need) and then lay the fourth piece of the grid. Black Tourmaline will repel and dispel negative energy as it absorbs negativity in your grid area.



God/Goddess/Jesus (Mother/Father God) –


Please clear and cleanse this land of any negativity that resides here and use the Selenite/Crystals/Tourmaline to do this. Free this land of any and all that would do harm to any of us and protect us from any outsiders that would do us harm of any kind. Keep the creatures away from here that could hurt us, please, and take those away that are already here.


Thank you, God/Goddess (Mother/Father God), for all you provide us with each and every day. I/we are grateful for all you bestow.

 If possible take a second set of four pieces of crystal points or selenite outside, and proceed to say another prayer, then lay down the stones/ selenite with the ends going east/west. In your mind, hold a very strong image of a cross. When you are finished, even though the pieces in the house and the pieces on the property were not together; they were still laid like a cross at each corner. The cross is a significant symbol in many religions, as I’m sure you know. It also covers the four cardinal directions, and it is earth, air, water, and fire.

When your property is gridded as well it will serve as additional protection for you and passers by.



Selenite is water-soluble. It’s made of gypsum and salt water. If you took a very small piece of Selenite and put it in a glass of water, it would disappear eventually. However, these are very large pieces of Selenite that you’ll be placing outside. Crystals and other stones will hold up longer but selenite is inexpensive and works best, I think they could eventually wear down a bit, but I would think it would take many years.


Another piece of Satin Spar Selenite will work best for this, and any size will work. You may also use another rock or crystal. Leave the piece(s) of Selenite within your Selenite Energy/Protection Grid for at least three days. The pieces can sit anywhere within your Grid—any room.

Take a larger piece of Selenite as well and put it in your vehicle. Selenite or Tourmaline comes on pendants to wear, and keep several pocket sized pieces. Wear or carry those pieces, in you bag, pocket etc. That way, no matter where you go physically, you are always tied into your protection grid at home. When the pieces sit inside of the grid, they become “charged and will automatically pick up the energy of the grid, so you will carry your power grid with you wherever you may go!